About Me

I began my interest in nutrition when studying Sports & Exercise Science at Brighton University. I took this one step further, specialising in Nutrition at Roehampton University where I left with a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science.

As a vegetarian for more than 25 years and vegan since 2015, I have experience in a balanced diet without meat or fish. As a mother of nine year old twins, I know how to introduce new foods and flavours to children, and how difficult this can be.

A two-year course from Premier Training in Nutritional Therapy gave me my qualification to practice, and offer advice and modifications to people’s diet to optimise health and well-being.

In today’s hectic lifestyle it is often difficult to follow the ‘perfect’ diet, and so I offer clients a personalised diet and lifestyle plan to fit in with everyday life and stresses. After all – everyone is different!

Please contact me for advice on whether I can help you with any aspects of your diet, lifestyle, or well-being.

I follow and abide by the CNHC Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics, and the BANT Professional Practice Handbook.